Monday, September 10, 2012

Time Warp Challenge Day 1: I wish I was born in...

The 1900's. Lace, long sweeping dresses, tea, roses, big hats, soda shops, cute shoes, and Gibson girls. I am one of those romantic throw back type of girls, and I love that stuff. I mean, yeah they didn't have good pluming, heat, or antibiotics, but man, THE CLOTHES.
Anyway, for my first entry in NeverLandNailBlog's Time Warp Challenge channels some of my favorite aspects of turn of the century fashion.
I started with a coat of base, then two coats of Essie "Mint Candy Apple." After it was all dry I pulled out my nail brush. Right now I'm using Winning Nails #306. The tip is short, so I can control it better.
Then I dipped it in white polish to create a lace like design on the right corner of my nails.
To balance it out, both color wise and design wise, I added some bright roses, first in a deep fushia, from Wet'N Wild called "Through the Grapevine," then added some pink lowlights to really get that old fashioned look.
Finally I added some silver polish along the edges of my lace design to create a shadow.

Even my left hand turned out pretty darn good, which is saying something since I'm left handed.

This picture shows how nicely the white shows up on the mint color. 

Over all, I'm pretty happy with how this design turned out. What do you think?

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  1. This is so pretty! I love it:) Ok, let's have a tea party & eat scones, cucumber sandwiches, and biscuits with honey! While we're at it we can wear some beautiful hats:)

    I really like this! Nicely done:)

  2. Who needs antibiotics anyways? We've got pretty nails!!! Very pretty!

  3. Those turned out very pretty indeed! I love the shadow effect of the lace :)